The innovative research team of extreme optics in school of physics found that the absorption reduction effect of Purcell coefficient under topology protection

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Professor Gu Ying and Professor Gong Qihuang, the innovative research team of extreme optics, School of physics, Peking University and State Key Laboratory of Artificial Microstructure and mesoscopic physics, have made important progress in the cross research of cavity quantum electrodynamics and topological Photonics: they proposed the mode coupling mechanism dominated by the boundary state under topological protection, and found the weak coupling system of cavity quantum electrodynamics on this basis In the topological photonic crystal, the enhanced absorption reduction effect is achieved and the high photon collection efficiency is achieved. Relevant research results were published in the authoritative journal of physics, Physical Review Letters. [“Absorption Reduction of Large Purcell Enhancement Enabled by Topological State-Led Mode Coupling, Physical Review Letters, 126, 023901 (2021) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.023901]。

Key words: Optics

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